Canada // The Prairie Provinces //

Highway 16: Winnipeg to Saskatoon

Highway 16 (nicknamed the Yellowhead Route) follows the Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy-1) west out of Winnipeg but soon cuts northwest for a more attractive journey across the prairies. It goes through the pretty little town of Neepawa before passing south of the attractive deciduous and boreal forests, lakes and grasslands of Riding Mountain National Park, 250km from Winnipeg. Just north of the park the small town of Dauphin and its surroundings have a Ukrainian past that’s still in evidence, particularly in the Doukhobor settlement of Veregin and the dreary prairie town of Yorkton. From here, the highway embarks on one of its dullest stretches across the prairies towards Saskatoon, but don’t miss Little Manitou Lake – Saskatchewan’s Dead Sea.