Scotland // Skye and the Western Isles //


Eigg is the most easily distinguishable of the Small Isles from a distance, since the island is mostly made up of a basalt plateau 1000ft above sea level, and a great stump of columnar pitchstone lava, known as An Sgurr, rising out of the plateau another 290ft. It’s also the most vibrant, populous and welcoming of the Small Isles, with a strong sense of community. Ferries arrive at the causeway, which juts out into Galmisdale Bay at the southeast corner of the island where An Laimhrig (The Anchorage), the island’s community centre, stands, housing a shop, post office, tearoom and information centre. With the island’s great landmark, An Sgurr (1292ft), watching over you wherever you go, many folk feel duty-bound to climb it, and enjoy the wonderful views over to Muck and Rùm.