Norway // Bergen and the western fjords //


At the end of the splendid Rauma train line from Dombås, the small town of ÅNDALSNES is for many travellers their first – and sometimes only – contact with the fjord country, a distinction that it really does not deserve. It’s true that Åndalsnes boasts a fine setting between lofty peaks and the chill waters of the Isfjord, but the centre is humdrum in the extreme and the café-restaurant scene is really rather dire. That said, there is a first-rate HI hostel on the outskirts of town as well as an excellent campsite; plus Åndalsnes is also within easy hiking and driving distance of some wonderful mountain scenery and a charming stave church. The most popular hike hereabouts is the six-hour haul to the Romsdalseggen, from where there are panoramic views; information is available from the tourist office.