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Sopron – a captivating town close to the Austrian border – retains its original medieval layout, as well as no less than 240 listed buildings. From its fourth-century Roman-era town walls to its Baroque central squares, it is steeped in history.

The horseshoe-shaped Belváros (inner town) is north of Széchenyi tér and the main train station. At its southern end, beautiful Orsolya tér (Bear Square) features Renaissance edifices and the white and cream Gothic church. Heading north towards the main square, Új utca (New Street – actually one of the town’s oldest thoroughfares) is a gentle curve of perfectly preserved homes painted in red, yellow and pink. At no. 22 stands a medieval synagogue that flourished when the street was Zsidó utca (Jewish Street); Sopron’s Jewish community dates back to the tenth century but was almost completely wiped out in the Holocaust.