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The western Gibb River Road

Back on the GRR, you continue to wind your way through the impressive King Leopold and Napier ranges in the King Leopold Ranges Conservation Park, passing, at 133km, a famous rock bearing more than a little resemblance to Queen Victoria.

At 196km is the access road for Lennard River Gorge (8km), a dramatic cleft carved through tiers of tilted rock, just south of the GRR in the middle of the King Leopold Ranges. You may find it quicker to walk the last 2km, which are very rough in parts. At 219km is the access track north to popular Bell Gorge. This is the loveliest gorge along the GRR, with a pretty swimming hole.

Continuing on, 253km from Derby, a long 82km detour south over some creeks brings you to enjoyable Mornington Wilderness Camp (, a former station that has been bought out by a conservation organization aiming to preserve native fauna. From here, you can access the impressive Sir John Gorge, which has broad pools ideal for swimming; exploring upstream leads you to even greater grandeur.

Continuing down the GRR you reach Adcock Gorge and a further 19km brings you to Galvans Gorge, both scenic without being spectacular. Camping is permitted behind the roadhouse by Manning River, where a 5km trail leads to Manning Gorge, with a large swimming hole and a pretty waterfall. Another 29km down the GRR is Barnett River Gorge, with swimming in a billabong.