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The world’s longest golf course: Nullarbor Links

South of Kalgoorlie the Great Eastern Highway runs 190km to Norseman, at the western end of the Eyre Highway. If you’re heading east, it’s about 700km to the South Australian border and another 470km from there to Ceduna, where the legendary Nullarbor ends, though that still leaves 775km before you reach Adelaide – a drive of notorious monotony.

The tedious journey across the Nullarbor has been made a little more bearable with the launch of the Nullarbor Links, an eighteen-hole, par 72 golf course that stretches 1365km from Kalgoorlie to Ceduna in South Australia. Each town or roadhouse along the route features one or two holes with a tee, a somewhat rugged Outback-style natural terrain fairway and a green. Score cards can be purchased at Kalgoorlie Golf Course (where the first two holes are located), and the visitor centres at Kalgoorlie, Ceduna and Norseman, and must be stamped at each hole. Clubs can be rented at each hole and golfers completing the course receive a free certificate in either Kalgoorlie or Ceduna.