The old gold-mining settlement of CORINNA sits on the shores of the beautiful Pieman River, deep in the Pieman River State Reserve. It’s hard to believe that 2500 people once occupied what is now just a few shacks surrounded by dense rainforest – the only surviving example of an isolated mining village in Tasmania. Corinna even had its own port, despite the difficulties of getting through the narrow Pieman Heads from the coastline. Before the goldrush, the reserve was a logging area and still holds one of the largest stands of Huon pine, saved because the water here was too deep to allow a dam to be built. This also means the river can be dangerous for swimming except from the pontoon or from river beaches – seek advice on conditions when you arrive.

There’s a series of boardwalked forest walks, from fifteen minutes to five hours. You can also lose a happy day or two on the river and its tributaries by renting a kayak, a superb way to experience the solitude and tranquillity of this river, lined by Huon pine, leatherwood and pandanus ferns. Alternatively, you can cruise downriver to the coast on the renovated Huon-pine MV Arcadia II.