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The Molles and nearby islands

South Molle Island was a source of fine-grained stone for Ngaro Aborigines, a unique material for the tools that have been found on other islands and may help in mapping trade routes. The slightly dated Adventure Island Resort in the north of the island offers guided walks: a series of fabulous coastal walking tracks from behind the golf course leads through gum trees and light forest, encompassing vistas of the islands from the top of Spion Kop and Mount Jeffreys, and on to some quiet beaches at the south end.

South Molle’s resort can sometimes organize a lift to the campsite on uninhabited North Molle Island, only 2km away; the beach here is made up of rough coral fragments, but the snorkelling is fairly good. There are another couple of campsites on Mid-Molle Island, joined to South Molle by a low-tide causeway about half a kilometre from the resort.

Daydream Island is little more than a tiny wooded rise between South Molle and the mainland, with a narrow coarse-sand beach running the length of the east side, and coral to snorkel over at the north end.

Tiny Planton, Tancred and Denman islands are just offshore from South Molle – with no facilities and limited camping at the National Parks sites here, they’re about as isolated as you’ll get in the Whitsundays. All three are surrounded by reef, but be careful of strong currents.