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Taian Hot Springs

Straddling the Wenshui River just to the south of Lion’s Head Mountain Scenic Area, TAIAN HOT SPRINGS (泰安溫泉區; tàiān wēnquánqū) is one of Taiwan’s most attractive resorts, offering visitors an enticing combination of hill walks and rejuvenating hot springs. It’s no longer a tranquil haven however, with plenty of tour buses and large groups enjoying a range of outdoor activites. As a result, hotels tend to be pricey, but don’t be put off: all are open for public bathing, so you don’t have to stay overnight to enjoy the waters, and the area rarely feels crowded, especially on weekdays.

Note that from the May “plum rains” and onwards through the summer typhoon season, the trails can become washed-out gullies and are extremely difficult to negotiate.