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From Ruifang, the village of SHIFEN (十分; shífèn) is the fourth stop on the Pingxi Line, swamped at the weekends by tourists that come primarily to gawp at its celebrated waterfall. The falls are back towards Ruifang, on the eastern side of Shifen,  Shifen Waterfall (十分瀑布; shífèn pùbù) is  fifteen minutes from the visitor centre along a trail that starts at the back of the building and crosses the river twice before rejoining the rail tracks. En route you’ll pass Eyeglass Hole Waterfall (眼鏡洞瀑布; yǎnjìngdòng pùbù), named after the two hollows that have been eroded into the rock behind it. The main falls are 15m high and 30m wide, not quite Niagara, but impressive nonetheless, and wonderfully photogenic, especially in full flood.