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The Bheri

The Bheri offers a shorter and easier alternative (Class 3+) to the Karnali, of which it’s a tributary. It’s one of the most scenic rivers in Nepal, with golden cliffs, green jungle, crystal-clear green water, white-sand beaches, excellent fishing and good birdwatching, all coupled with a powerful current and sparkling rapids of moderate difficulty. Access is from the Nepalgunj–Birendra Nagar road, just short of Birendra Nagar – a total of about 15hr of bus travel from Kathmandu (via Nepalgunj). Few companies raft the Bheri at the moment, but it is likely to become more popular as the road improves. There’s also a newish dirt road, creeping up the valley all the way up to Jajarkot, which offers the attractive possibility of a higher put-in.