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Sungai Petani

SUNGAI PETANI, 35km north of Butterworth, is the jumping-off point for the archeological site of Bujang Valley, and Gunung Jerai, the state’s highest peak. Both lie northwest from town, on separate roads; without your own vehicle, you can’t visit both in a single day. The town itself has nothing to detain you beyond its transport terminals and handful of places to stay. A clock tower dominates Jalan Ibrahim, the main north–south road through town; from here, a side road directly to the east leads to the train station. One block south of the clock tower, another side road branching east, Jalan Kuala Ketil, crosses over the tracks and leads to the express bus stop – little more than an open yard and some food stalls. A further block south and west is Jalan Petri, which continues west past the local bus station, taxi stand and some budget hotels.