The thattukada (hot food stall market) just south of the main bazaar, opposite the taxi stand, gets into its stride around 7.30pm and runs through the night, serving delicious, piping-hot Keralan food – dosas, parottas, iddiappam, green-bean curry, egg masala – ladled onto tin plates and eaten on rough wood tables in the street. The most hygienic option in the main bazaar is Food Count, on the ground floor of the Munnar Inn, serving samosas, veg cutlets, sandwiches and light meals. Guru Bhavan, Mutapatty Road, Ikka Nagar, is the most dependable of Munnar’s local south Indian “meals” joints. It’s a ten-minute walk north of the main bazaar, but worth the effort, with a daily changing menu of delicious Keralan vegetarian dishes, in addition to hot parottas, stupendously crunchy paper dosas and other udipi snacks.

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