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Moving on from Vadodara

Vadodara railway station’s crowded ticket reservation office is upstairs; you can bypass the hassle for a small fee if you buy your ticket from Yogikrupa Travel Service opposite (daily 8.30am–8.30pm; t 0265/279 4977). All trains travelling on the main Delhi–Mumbai line stop here. For Ahmedabad, try the Shatabdi Express #2009 (daily except Sun; departs 11.20am, arrives 1.10pm). The Shatabdi Express #2010 is the quickest train to Mumbai (daily except Sun; departs 4.17pm, arrives 9.35pm). The bus stand on Station Road, a little north, has regular services to other Gujarati towns, including Ahmedabad (frequent; 2hr 30min), Rajkot (hourly; 8hr) and Champaner (hourly; 1hr 30min). Mumbai (14hr) is served by regular buses, but few start at Vadodara, so they may be full when they arrive – the train is far better. Private bus companies with frequent services to Mumbai, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh line Station Road. Jet Airways (opposite WelcomHotel Vadodara; t 0265/234 3441) and Indian Airlines (Fateh Gunj; t 0265/279 4747) have daily flights to Delhi; the former also flies daily to Mumbai. If you need to hire a car and driver, try Sweta Travels (t 0265/278 6917), opposite the railway station.

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