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Around Port Blair

At some point, you’re almost certain to find yourself killing time in Port Blair, waiting for boats to show up or tickets to go on sale. Rather than wasting days in town, it’s worth exploring the coast of South Andaman which, although far more densely populated than other islands in the archipelago, holds a handful of easily accessible beauty spots and historic sites. Among the latter, the ruined colonial monuments on Viper and Ross islands can be reached on daily harbour cruises or regular ferries from the capital. For beaches, head southeast to Corbyn’s Cove, or cross South Andaman to reach the more secluded Chiriya Tapu, both of which are easily accessible on day-trips if you rent a vehicle. By far the most rewarding way to spend a day out of town, however, is to catch the tourist boat from Wandoor to Jolly Buoy or Red Skin islands in the Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park opposite, which boasts some of the Andamans’ best snorkelling. The other area worth visiting is Mount Harriet and Madhuban on the central part of South Andaman, north across the bay from Port Blair.

  • Wandoor and the Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park