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Arrival and information

Tengchong’s kilometre-wide centre focuses around the Fengshan Lu/Guanghua Lu crossroads, with newer bits of town all around the perimeter, especialy to the south. The main bus station (旅游客运站, lǚyóu kèyùnzhàn) is a kilometre south down Rehai Lu, handling traffic to Kunming, Xiaguan and Baoshan; while easterly Tengchong bus station (腾冲客运站, téngchōng kèyùn zhàn) on Dongfang Lu has frequent departures to Mangshi and Ruili between about 7am and 3pm.

There’s a Bank of China with ATM, and a post office, at the Laifeng Shan Park end of Fengshan Lu. A taxi anywhere in town costs ¥5.