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Accommodation and eating

Weishan’s best accommodation is all central. Just east from Gongchen Lou at 59 Dongxin Jie, Gucheng Kezhan (古城客栈, gŭchéng kèzhàn; t 0872/6122341; ¥80 and under) has basic beds with shared toilets in an old courtyard building, while nearby Weishan Binguan (巍山宾馆, wēishān bīnguăn; t 0872/6122655; ¥80–139) is more of a drab Chinese hotel, but with large en-suite rooms. The Mengshe Stagehouse (蒙舍驿站, mēngshě yìzhàn; t 0872/6123338; ¥81–139), 50m past Xinggong Lou at 9 Nanjie, is in a reconstructed old inn, though rooms are bland.

For food, head to Xiaochi Jie (小吃街, xiăochī jiē) or “Snack Street”, again near Gongchen Lou, which is lined with inexpensive restaurants.