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Daily public buses leave Lhasa between 6am and 8am from Barkhor Square and run as far as the Samye ferry point (4hr). You’ll then need to pick up another bus or a minibus for the remaining 33km on to Tsetang – it’s a bit hit-and-miss, but you shouldn’t have to wait more than an hour or so. Alternatively, direct minibuses leave the main bus station in Lhasa for Tsetang from 8am onwards (3hr). Tsetang’s bus station is about 500m west of the main traffic intersection in town.

Unfortunately, accommodation in Tsetang is neither particularly good nor cheap (typically costing over ¥500 for a double room). Turn right at the intersection on to Naidong Lu past the post office and numerous restaurants and you’ll come to the only comparatively inexpensive hotel that will take foreigners, the Postal House (¥200–299), though with dingy rooms and sullied corridors, it’s far from a bargain. Continue down the road to clean and modern, if rather pricey, Tsetang Hotel (t 0893/21899; ¥800–1199). Naidong Lu itself is lined with bars and restaurants.