China // The Northwest //

Arrival and information

All trains stop at the train station in Beidao. Buses usually use the long-distance station in Qincheng, or stop and start in front of the train station. City transport between the two centres is swift and efficient, with minibuses and bus #1 running between the two stations all day (6am–10pm; 30min; ¥2). A taxi between the two should cost around ¥20.

The Beidao post office is just southwest of the train station, the Bank of China just southeast. In Qincheng, the Bank of China head office is on Minzhu Lu; look for the twin lions outside. To make long-distance calls, use the main post office on Minzhu Lu. The Tianshui CITS (t 0938/8287337) is on the northwest corner of the Hezuo Lu/Minzhu Lu intersection. English-speaking staff here can organize tours to Maiji Shan for a reasonable ¥200.