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Taipa, site of Macau International Airport, racecourse, sports stadium, university and residential “suburbs”, at first seems too developed to warrant a special stop. However, tiny Taipa Village on the island’s east side, with its old colonial promenade, makes a pleasant place for an extended lunch. The bus drops you off by a modern market, where the 100m-long Rua da Cunha (or “Food Street”) leads down to the old covered Feira do Carmo market square, which is partly surrounded by a dragon wall and several restaurants. On the far side of the square, turn right to more restaurants and a Tin Hau Temple, or left until you see a wavy set of tree-lined steps leading up to a small square and church above the old colonial promenade, Avenida da Praia. Five original, peppermint-green mansions with verandas here now form the Taipa House Museum, which reveals details of early nineteenth-century domestic life for the resident Macanese families: high-ranking civil servants who were religious and well-to-do, but not enormously wealthy.