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Sai Kung Peninsula

Hong Kong’s easternmost projection, the rugged Sai Kung Peninsula is a mass of jagged headlands, spiky peaks, vivid blue seascapes and tiny offshore islands. Most of the area is enclosed within country parks, with a range of picnic spots and walking trails around the coast and out to Hong Kong’s finest beaches.

The main access point is little SAI KUNG TOWN, reached on bus #92 from Diamond Hill MTR. While somewhat developed and with a large expat population, it’s also a Chinese fishing town, the promenade packed with seafood restaurants and fishermen offering their wares. Shops sell swimming gear, sunscreen and bright inflatable floats; and there’s a fruit market and supermarket if you’re putting your own lunch together. The harbour is full of cruisers, small fishing boats and ad hoc ferries whose owners will offer rides out to various islands, the nearest and most popular of which is Kiu Tsui Chau (or Sharp Island), boasting a beach and a short hike to its highest point.