Berlin – an interactive film guide

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By Alice Park
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Rough Guide readers voted Berlin one of the top places to visit in 2014, and it seems like George Clooney agrees. He’ll be showing his latest movie, The Monuments Men, which was partly filmed in the city, at this year’s Berlin film festival (February 6–16). He’s in good company – everyone from Tom Cruise to Quentin Tarantino has made films here in recent years, continuing Berlin’s extraordinary cinematic history. From the earliest days of filmmaking at Babelsberg studios through the Nazi era, Cold War spy flicks – you’re not a proper cinema spook until you’ve gone to Berlin – to Hollywood blockbusters and post-reunification Ostalgie plus, of course, a touch of Cabaret, Berlin has been the setting for more films that we can count. But we’ve tried, and we’ve mapped them as well. The locations of key scenes are pinned below – in most cases where they were actually shot, though we’ve let a few studio re-creations in (can you spot which they are?). Let us know your recommendations for the best Berlin films on Twitter or Facebook, and we’ll add them to the map.