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Perched above La Candelaria is the rocky outcrop that is one of Bogotá’s most recognizable landmarks: Cerro de Monserrate. The hilltop, crowned by El Santuario de Monserrate church, offers spectacular views back down on the seemingly endless urban sprawl that is Bogotá. It is easily reached by the frequent teleférico cable car or by funicular railway. Alternatively, it’s a ninety-minute trek up the 1500-step stone path that begins at the base of the hill and leads to the summit 600m above.

Be aware that there are reports of robberies both on the way up the hill and on the walk between the Quinta and its base. The safest (and cheapest) time to go is Sunday, when you’ll be accompanied by thousands of pilgrims hoping for miracles from the church’s dark-skinned Christ.

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