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The churches of La Candelaria

In addition to its cathedral, La Candelaria is teeming with some of the best-preserved colonial-era churches and convents found in Latin America:

Museo Iglesia de Santa Clara Overlooking Palacio Nariño, the austere exterior, built in the early part of the seventeenth century and formerly part of the convent of Clarissa nuns, contrasts sharply with its opulent gold-plated interior and Day of the Dead-looking anaemic Christ.

Iglesia de San Francisco Across from the Gold Museum, San Francisco is appropriately noted for its particularly splendid golden altar.

Iglesia de la Concepción The soaring vault here is a fine example of the Moorish-influenced Mudéjar style popular in the sixteenth century.

Iglesia de San Ignacio The largest and most impressive of the colonial-era churches is the domed San Ignacio founded in 1610 as the first Jesuit church in Nueva Grenada.

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