Brazil // Brasília and the Planalto Central //

Accommodation and eating

Although there aren’t many accommodation options, all are perfectly adequate and cheap. Of the hotels in Mineiros, the best is the Pilões Palace (t 64/3661-1547; R$121–260), on Praça Assis, with its own restaurant and bar. The Dallas at 223 Quinta Avenida (t 64/3661-1534; R$41–120) has quite comfortable rooms, while the Líder (t 64/3661-1149; R$71-120) on Rua Elias Machado and Pinheiros (R$41-70) on Rua Oito are serviceable if basic. Accommodation in Chapadão do Céu is much more basic. In town, your best options are Hotel Ipê (t 64/3634-1722; R$71-120), Rua Ipê 213, Pousada das Emas (t 64/3634-1382; R$71-120) on Rua Ipê, and Hotel Rafael (R$41-70) on Avenida Indaia. Out of town, the Fazenda Santa Amelia (t 64/3634-1380; R$121-180) has a pool, chalets and apartments, horseriding and a reasonable restaurant out at Km 65 of the GO-050 road; to find the place take the sign posted turn-off from the GR-050 for 15km (the last 5km of this is dirt track). As for dining options, you’ll be limited to a couple of churrascarias in each town, plus the hotel restaurants – not haute cuisine, but satisfying after a day’s hiking.

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