Dubai // Deira //

Naif Museum

Celebrating Dubai’s formidable reputation for law and order, the modest Naif Museum lies tucked away in a corner of the imposing Naif Fort (originally built in 1939, but restored to death in 1997). The museum was created at the behest of Sheikh Mohammed, who himself served as Chief of the Dubai Police for three years from 1968 – his first job, aged just 19 – before graduating to minister of defence in 1971. It’s actually a lot less tedious than you might fear, with mildly diverting exhibits on the history of law enforcement in Dubai from the foundation of the police force in 1956 (with just six officers under a British captain) up to the present day. Exhibits include assorted old weapons and uniforms, a trio of short films including some interesting historical footage, and various old photos, among them a shot of a youthful-looking, clean-shaven Sheikh Mohammed as Chief of Police.

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