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Al Fahidi Street

Al Fahidi Street is Bur Dubai’s de facto high street, bisecting the area from east to west and lined with a mix of shops selling Indian clothing, shoes and jewellery along with other places stacked high with mobile phones and fancy watches (not necessarily genuine). This is Dubai at its most intensely Indian, and great fun, particularly after dark, when the crowds come out, the neon comes on and the whole strip gets overrun with shoppers, sightseers and off-duty labourers just shooting the breeze – like a slightly sanitized version of the Subcontinent, minus the cows.

The area around the eastern end of Al Fahidi Street and neighbouring Al Hisn Street is often loosely referred to as Meena Bazaar. The centre of the district’s textile and tailoring industry, it’s home to a dense razzle-dazzle of shopfronts stuffed with colourful dresses and sumptuous saris.

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