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Heritage Village

Dramatically situated on the Corniche Road-facing side of the Breakwater – a small protuberance of reclaimed land jutting out from its southern end – the Heritage Village offers a slice of traditional Abu Dhabi done up for the visiting coach parties who flock here for whistle-stop visits. The “village” consists of picturesque barasti huts, plus a small museum (though it hardly ever seems to be open), and has spectacular views over the water to the Corniche Road. Opposite the museum is a string of workshops where local artisans – carpenters, potters and brass-makers and so on – can sometimes be seen at work. The so-called “traditional market”, however, is basically just a few ladies flogging cheap handicrafts out of a line of barasti huts.

Immediately beyond the Heritage Village you can’t fail to notice the enormous flagpole, visible for miles around. At 123m, this was formerly claimed to be the tallest in the world, until topped by one in Jordan in 2003 (which, ironically, was made in Dubai).

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