Turkey // The central and southern Aegean //

Bafa Gölü

Surrounded by jagged mountains and more than 100 sq km in size, Lake Bafa – in Turkish, Bafa Gölü – is an entrancing spectacle. Created when silt sealed off the Büyük Menderes River’s passage to the sea, it’s now most famed as the site of Heracleia ad Latmos, a spectacularly located set of lakeside ruins.

As for Bafa itself, the water is faintly brackish and fish species include levrek (bass), kefal (grey mullet), yayın (catfish) and yılan balığı (eel). Although levels are depleting, stocks are still high enough to support the arrival throughout the year of more than two hundred species of migratory wildfowl, including the endangered crested pelican, of which there are believed to be fewer than two thousand left in the world.


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