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Top 5 national parks

Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella Nasjonalpark

Reached via the E6 and the Dombås–Trondheim railway, the eastern reaches of this large park are rugged and severe, but as you hike west the terrain gets even wilder as the serrated alpine peaks of the Romsdal hove into view.

Hardangervidda Nasjonalpark

Europe’s largest mountain plateau, stretches east from the Hardangerfjord to Finse in the north and Rjukan in the east, its bare, almost lunar-like rocks and myriad lakes make for some spectacular hiking. The Hardangervidda begins about 130km east of Bergen.

Jotunheimen Nasjonalpark

Norway’s most famous hiking area has a heady concentration of towering, ice-tipped peaks, more than two hundred rising above 1900m, including northern Europe’s two highest. The park is near the east end of the Sognefjord, about 300km from Oslo.

Rondane Nasjonalpark

The Rondane comprises both a high alpine zone, with ten peaks exceeding the 2000-metre mark, and a much gentler upland area punctuated by rounded, treeless hills. It is on the E6 between Oslo and Trondheim and is especially popular with families.

Nordre Isfjorden Nasjonalpark, Svalbard

One of the archipelago’s largest protected areas, this coastal tundra stretches across the Isfjorden north of Barentsburg. It comprises wetlands, lake and pond complexes, and is great for light day-hikes and wildlife-spotting; wildlife includes eider ducks, pink-footed geese, ringed seals, arctic fox and the Svalbard rock ptarmigan.

For a list of all of Norway’s national parks, consult

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