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Lake Geneva

The crescent-shaped expanse of Lake Geneva (known as Lac Léman in France) is some 73km long, 14km wide and an impressive 310m deep; it has always been a natural border with Switzerland to the north. Even in summer, the lake is subject to violent storms, yet the experience of sailing across its waters on a calm day is delightful, and should not be missed. On the French side of the lake, the spa resort of Évian-les-Bains (of bottled water fame) and the picturesque village of Yvoire are the main sites of interest. Thonon-les-Bains, a larger town situated between these two landmarks, is the starting point of the renowned touring route, the Route des Grandes Alpes, and a gateway to the beautiful Chablais region to the south of the lake. North of the lake, close to the Swiss border, is the peaceful spa town of Divonne-Les-Bains, and the green pastures of the Pays de Gex region, renowned for its blue cheese and scenic hiking and cycling routes.

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