Cyprus // Lefkosia (South Nicosia) //

East Lefkosia

The eastern side of Lefkosia has a number of sights, from the Ottoman-era Omeriye Mosque and baths to the magnificent Hadjigeorgaki Kornesios House. Further east are several attractions key to Greek Cypriot identity, concentrated on the Archbishop’s Palace. Continuing east you come to the imposing Venetian walls and bastions that incorporate some fairly workaday buildings including the post office, public library and the Town Hall, before you reach the florid Liberty Monument at the Caraffa Bastion. The areas fringing the walls contain a mixture of public gardens, playing fields, and the best car park (between the D’Avila and Constanza bastions) for access to the city centre. Just outside the Constanza Bastion is the estimable State Collection of Contemporary Art.

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