Puerto Rico // Porta del Sol //

Playa de Jobos

The coast is littered with dazzling beaches west of Isabela, but the most appealing is PLAYA DE JOBOS, a sumptuous crescent of sand facing a shallow, protected bay perfect for swimming and surfing. Though the beach avoids a serious hammering, even in winter, heavier waves roll steadily into the bay throughout the year, making Jobos hands down the best surf beach for beginners on the island.

Sadly, a couple of restaurants have blocked access to the best part of the beach at the eastern end; you’ll have to park on the road or opt to eat/drink at the restaurants to use their private car parks.

The Punta Jacinto headland near here is a jagged cape of dead coral, with sweeping views across Playa Jobos and Playa Montones on the other side, a long expanse of honey-gold sand usually deserted during the week. From the Jobos side you can clamber up to the tip of the headland, where you should spy the natural arch and blowhole known as Foso Jacinto (or El Pozo de Jacinto), a few precarious centimetres from the crashing waves below.

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