Puerto Rico // La Ruta Panorámica //

Aibonito and around

One of the largest towns on the Ruta Panorámica, AIBONITO is known as La Ciudad de las Flores (“the city of flowers”), a sobriquet marked by a giant flower festival every summer. Just to the north, the Cañón de San Cristóbal cuts across the hills like a narrow slit, its soaring, fern-smothered walls the ideal stomping ground for hikers and adrenaline junkies, while the Mirador Piedra Degetau offers a gentler but equally spectacular panorama of the region. Despite the oft-quoted legend that the town’s name stems from its beauty (an early Spanish visitor is said to have exclaimed “Ay, que bonito” on seeing the area), you’ll see little evidence of this outside festival time, and it’s a sprawling, unattractive place often choked with full-size SUVs barely able to pass through the narrow mountain roads.

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