Taiwan // The Taiwan Strait Islands //


It’s possible to fly between Wangan Airport (望安機場; wàngān jīchǎng; t 06/999-1806) and Kaohsiung. Daily Air offers one-way flights from Kaohsiung (35min; around NT$2000) in a small propeller-driven plane on Tuesday and Friday mornings (returning a few minutes later).

Multi-island boat tours starting from the South Sea Visitor Center call here for up to two hours as part of their circuits, but to really gain an appreciation of the island it’s best to stay overnight. Rent a scooter, as the sights are spread out (NT$200/2hr or NT$350/day, including a full tank of fuel; no driving licence required). The other option is to join a group of Taiwanese tourists on a whirlwind minivan tour for NT$150 per person.

A great place to stay on Wangan is the Chihshean Tourist Hotel (致仙屋海景民宿; zhìxiānwū hǎijǐng mínsù; t 06/999-1413; NT$1501–2000), 24 Dongan Village, which has spotless blond-wood chalets in a variety of sizes from doubles up (all en-suite with TVs).

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