Taiwan // The Taiwan Strait Islands //

Arrival and information

The easiest way to get here from mainland Taiwan is on the Keelung ferry, which stops at Dongyin’s Zhongzhu Harbour (中柱港; zhōngzhùgǎng) on even-numbered days. If you want to get here from Nangan, your only option is to take the Keelung ferry at 9.30am (odd-numbered days only; buy tickets at Fuao Harbour 7–8.30am). Tickets cost NT$350, and the boat usually arrives around 11.30am. In winter you also have the option of taking the helicopter from Nangan. There is no public transport on the islands, so you’ll probably need to rent a scooter or hire a taxi for sightseeing – walking is a possibility, but Dongyin is several kilometres in width and it would take the better part of a day to see the main sights on foot.

There are no scooter rentals at Zhongzhu Harbour, but it’s possible to rent them in the nearby villages of Lehua, Nanao or Zhongliu, all of which are clustered together on the hill that rises from the harbour and are a short walk or taxi ride from the pier. Some hotels in the villages will rent scooters for NT$500 a day without needing to see any identification.

The Dongyin Visitor Center (東引遊客中心; dōngyǐn yóukè zhōngxīn; daily 8am–noon & 1.30–5.30pm), 160–1 Lehua Village, has interesting English-captioned exhibits on the islands’ history.

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