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All of Dongyin’s accommodation is centred in the villages of Lehua, Nanao and Zhongliu, and consists of standard but affordable hotels whose management will often book onward ferry tickets for you without charging commission.

The Lao Yue Hotel, 29 Lehua Village (老爺大飯店; lǎoyé dàfàndiàn; t 0836/77168; NT$1001–1500), has small, clean rooms with TVs, some with views onto the harbour. Further up the hill, the Mingjian Star Hotel, 66 Zhongliu Village (明建星大飯店; míngjiànxīng dàfàndiàn; t 0836/77180; NT$501–1000), has basic rooms from NT$900, some with computers and free internet. Near the post office, the Xinhua Hotel, 46 Lehua Village (昕華飯店; xīnhuá fàndiàn; t 0836/77600; NT$1001–1500), is great value and has a restaurant and free internet café – it’s a short walk from here to the ferry pier. Comfy but with less style is the Yingbin Hotel, 78 Lehua Village (盈賓休閒旅館; yíngbīn xiūxián lǚguǎn; t 0836/76336; NT$1001–1500), with rooms from NT$1200.

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