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  • 20 world class walks

    20 world class walks

    March 11th, 2013Rough Guides Editors
    camera_alt Gallery

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  • Six real life film sets

    Six real life film sets

    February 4th, 2013Site Editor
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    From The Beach to The Great Escape, here’s six destinations that doubled as dramatic sets for big screen movies. Let us know your own favourite film set spots below. The great escape, Poland At first sight the area of pine forest stretching south of Żagań betrays few signs of the iconic place it occupies in... Read more »

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  • Dive in to Dahab

    Dive in to Dahab

    August 30th, 2012Andy Turner
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    Rough Guides Senior Editor Andy Turner has just returned from the Egyptian dive spots around Dahab. Here he explains why the area is so great for scuba enthusiasts, and why everyone should consider this underrated destination. Strung along the shimmering Gulf of Aqaba, the laidback resort of Dahab has long been Egypt’s answer to Ko... Read more »

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  • Exploring Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

    Exploring Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

    July 19th, 2012Shafik Meghji
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    For most travellers, Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula means one thing: the coast. Package tourists flock to the bold and brash resorts of Sharm el-Sheikh and neighbouring Na’ama Bay, while backpackers and independent travellers favour the more laid-back charms of Dahab and Nuweiba. The inviting Red Sea, sandy beaches and seemingly endless diving and snorkelling opportunities mean... Read more »

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  • The world’s best breakfasts

    The world’s best breakfasts

    July 13th, 2012Site Editor
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    Morning habits are hard to break. You may love everything about a new country, but breakfast is often where culture shock first sets in. Staring down at your bowl, half-awake, all you can think is: how can they eat this in the morning? But breakfast in a foreign land can be one of the most... Read more »

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  • Travel bargains for 2012

    Travel bargains for 2012

    February 1st, 2012Site Editor
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    This article was originally posted in February 2012 Tourism is a lifeline for so many countries, but economic crisis, civil unrest or natural disasters can suddenly pull the plug on visitor numbers. And this can be a great time to experience these countries: often many areas are still safe, locals will usually be delighted to... Read more »

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