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  • Folking out under the Sugar Loaf, Wales

    Folking out under the Sugar Loaf, Wales

    February 7th, 2014James Smart
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    Convertibles sell better in Britain than in much of the Mediterranean. That might make it sound like the inhabitants of this damp island are stupid. A kinder explanation is that they just enjoy the sunshine when it comes – an impression that will have struck anyone who’s attended a pop festival in the UK with…

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  • Gigging in Glasgow, Scotland

    Gigging in Glasgow, Scotland

    December 16th, 2013James Smart
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    Pop stars, travelling from coach to bar and from plane to arena, are notoriously oblivious about the city they happen to be performing in. There are countless stories of frontmen bellowing “Hello, Detroit!” when they’re actually in Toronto. But some places have a genuine buzz about them. London is fine, but all too often its…

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  • Hiking in the Tatras, Poland

    Hiking in the Tatras, Poland

    December 2nd, 2013James Smart
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    The country’s traditional attractions – Warsaw’s lively old town and Kraków’s gorgeous squares – are worthwhile stops, but it’s easy to forget that there is another Poland, a genuine wilderness of high (and often snowbound) peaks, populated by lynx and bears. The Tatras Mountains are as beautiful as any national park in Europe, and their…

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