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updated 7/3/2020
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#01 Old San Juan

Explore one of the best-preserved colonial centres in the Americas, where the narrow streets are lined with elegant townhouses and a rich choice of enticing restaurants.

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#02 Paso Fino horses

Ride these friendly horses along the beach or through the jungle and experience their exceptionally smooth gait.

#03 Playa Flamenco, Culebra

Nothing beats waking up on this unspoiled expanse of silky white sand, one of the most dazzling beaches in the world.

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#04 Observatorio de Arecibo

The world’s largest radio telescope is an awe-inspiring sight, with plenty of thought-provoking exhibits on hand to satisfy budding scientists and aspiring astronauts.

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#05 Beach hopping in Vieques

Tour the mesmerizing beaches of Vieques, precious slices of untouched Caribbean wilderness.

#06 Diving and snorkelling

The crystalline waters off Puerto Rico contain some of the best-kept secrets in the Caribbean, making it an underwater paradise ideal for diving and snorkelling.


#07 Ponce

Puerto Rico’s second city is a showcase of ebullient architecture, impressive art and poignant museums, including the lavish home of the Don Q rum empire, Castillo Serallés.

#08 Salsa

Learn to dance, check out a salsa club or just sit back and enjoy the pros on the island that was home to El Cantante, Gran Combo and Ricky Martin.

#09 Piña colada

This sumptuous blend of rum, pineapple and coconut is served everywhere, from ritzy hotel bars to shacks on the beach.

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#10 San Germán

Soak up the colonial history in this charming old town, with ornate mansions and delicate churches harking back to the boom days of sugar and coffee.

#11 Surfing

Puerto Rico is hammered by the full force of the Atlantic swells in the winter, its north coast lined with dizzying breaks.

© James Parascandola/Shutterstock

#12 Casa Bacardi

Learn everything there is to know about the Caribbean’s favourite tipple at the “Cathedral of Rum”.

© Ruslan Seradziuk/Shutterstock

#13 Coffee

Puerto Rican coffee once supplied the Vatican, and today the island’s fertile soils and ideal climate are fuelling a resurgence in potent, gourmet brands.

#14 El Yunque National Forest

Puerto Rico’s most enchanting reserve of pristine rainforest, jungle-covered peaks and bubbling cascades is laced with panoramic trails.

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#15 El Morro

Even Sir Francis Drake couldn’t take this spectacular Spanish fortress, a whopping sledgehammer of stone and cannons that has guarded San Juan Bay for over four hundred years.

© John Wollwerth/Shutterstock

#16 La Ruta Panorámica

Explore this winding route along the island’s mountainous spine, a world of misty forests, coffee farms and roadside stalls selling roast pork.

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Travel advice for Puerto Rico

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updated 7/3/2020
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