Airport transfer booking website Hoppa have released their research on the world's most expensive cities, and there are a few surprises on their list.

Measuring the average cost in each destination for a pint of beer, a cup of coffee, a meal for two, a bottle of wine, a hotel room for one night and taxi fares per three kilometres, Hoppa ranked the most expensive, and cheapest, destinations around the world.

But not all of them have to be such a break-the-bank escape. Here are Hoppa's ten most expensive places to visit, and a few suggestion for how to have a budget break in each one.

10. Lima, Peru

At number ten comes the first surprise: Peru's fun-filled capital city. But don't be fooled by its place here, our Rough Guide to South America on a Budget has some seriously cool budget options that'll help keep your bank balance looking healthy. Our author estimates you'll need around US$35 a day for travelling in Peru, and while that'll increase if you're sticking around for a while in Lima, the city doesn't need to blow your budget. Stay in our author pick Hotel España in central Lima, where doubles cost as little as $20 a night.

9. Cancún, Mexico

With all those beach resorts, it might not be a surprise that Cancún is one of the ten most expensive cities to travel to. However, it doesn't have to be. Our Rough Guide to Mexico author loved Hotel Coral, a vintage Downtown Cancún stay from just $20 a night.

Cancún, Mexico, North AmericaPixabay / CC0

8. Caracas, Venezuela

A place where a beer can cost as little as 25 cents, Venezuela is a budget traveller's dream destination. How it got to number eight in this list we're not sure. Our Rough Guide to Central America author estimates a $30 a day budget for a trip through Venezuela, and while good budget accommodation options are few and far between in Caracas, you can still sleep for around $30 a night in Dal Bo Hostal.

7. Singapore

Compared to other Southeast Asian destinations, Singapore is indeed expensive. In the Rough Guide to Southeast Asia on a Budget, we recommend a daily budget here of around $80. A dorm bed in in Five Stones Hostel will set you back around $25, while a double is around $85.

6. London, England

London is notoriously expensive for tourists, especially when the exchange rate isn't in your favour. But if you know where to go, you can find a bargain beer every now and then. And not forgetting, there are tons of free things to do in England's capital.

Pigeons in London, EnglandPixabay / CC0

5. Sydney, Australia

For backpackers, time spent in Sydney can be slightly hard on the wallet. But if you use our Rough Guide to Australia, you'll find there are actually cheap camping options around the city, and a good network of hostels that'll help save some dollars for all that goon (boxed wine).

4. Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh has its fair share of high-end hotels, but that doesn't mean budget options are few and far between. In the Rough Guide to Morocco we recommend Aday, for example, which has rooms from as little as $16 a night. Food in Marrakesh can be a bargain too – check out the guide for advice on avoiding being overcharged at the city's famous food stalls.

3. Botswana

Safaris are usually expensive, but self-driving is the way to make Botswana a financially manageable adventure. Car rental might be pricey, but you can save on the rest by camping and cooking your own food.

Sunset in BotswanaPixabay / CC0

2. New York City, USA

If you're travelling to New York City, you don't go expecting to spend peanuts. But a trip to this great American metropolis doesn't have to cost the Earth either. Try staying a little out of town at The Local NYC, where a dorm costs around $60 a night, or if you've got a little more in your pocket, The Jane makes for an excellent budget base at around $100 a night.

1. Dubai, UAE

All the glitz and glamour of this big, bright city could be enough to put any budget traveller off. Dubai just looks unaffordable. But is it really? For many, it's relatively cheap to get to compared to destinations in Southeast Asia and South America, and on the ground it's not as expensive as the skyscrapers might suggest – there are rooms from $70 a night and some great little cafés for budget meals. Try Ashwaq near the bustling Gold Souk.

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