From King Kong to Coming to America, New York City has played host to an immense number of films over the years; the city is probably more mapped on celluloid than any other place in America. On this giant Rough Guides map of the city we pin some of our favourite movies, old and new as they are released, in the places where they were set. Hover over the image below to discover Woody Allen and Diane Keaton in Central Park during Annie Hall, Christian Bale at the Harvard Club in American Psycho and John Travolta strut his stuff through Saturday Night Fever.

N.B. A note on the pinning: some of these clips are located at the obvious choice for the movie (ie When Harry Met Sally could only really be mapped to the Katz Deli corner) while others are centred around more obscure plot devices. Taxi Driver, for instance, takes in a variety of New York locations (he’s driving a taxi after all) but I chose to centre the pin on the spot where De Niro first encounters Jodie Foster, by the now-defunct Variety Photoplay Theater. For The Devil Wears Prada, it made sense to pinpoint the thinly-veiled homage to Vogue magazine at their offices. A few Brookyln, Harlem and Queens-based films had to be placed on the edges of the map too.

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What are your own favourite classic New York scenes? Tell us below and we'll add them into the image.