If you believed this was true, you can consider yourself an April fool!

Technology start-up La Foil Pro have released a brand-new camera designed to banish the much-loved (or loathed) selfie.

From Oscar-winners to your travel selfies, taking photos of yourself is great fun wherever you are in the world. But La Foil Pro are so sick of seeing your faces block that stunning view over the Grand Canyon or those Himalayan peaks, that they’ve decided to put a stop to it.

This “selfie-proof” camera uses cutting edge facial recognition software to determine whether it’s safe to release the shutter – meaning if you’re taking a selfie, this camera won’t play ball. Instead of taking the photo, a “selfie alarm” – which sounds nothing short of a foghorn – will resonate around you, loud enough to disturb anyone within a fifty metre radius. Co-founder of the French company, Robert Demachy hopes the embarrassment of the sound will be enough to deter people from even considering a selfie. He said:

“People are increasingly documenting themselves and their lives through photography which, in principle, is a fantastic idea. But it’s got to a point where all we see is that person’s face – sometimes too close for comfort – and we miss the point of the photograph.”

Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona, USA - amazing engineering gallery

More meaningful travel photos

Always a fan of how tech meets art, Robert worked with well-known developer Katrine Amsel whilst staying with friends in the world’s technology hub Berlin. Equipped with an 18 megapixel lens and a 20x optical zoom, the camera makes a great travel companion even without the facial recognition software.

“We designed this camera to help people take more meaningful travel photos”, explains Katrine.

“There will no longer be the temptation to take a selfie, and you’ll begin to remember the real reason why you are travelling – it’s not just about proving you were there, it’s about appreciating the sights before your eyes and being able to share those with others, either on social media or when you return.”

But the question is – would you buy it? Do you think we should #stoptheselfie or are you a selfie saver? Comment below and let us know your thoughts, or Tweet us @RoughGuides using the hashtag #stoptheselfie.