Argentina // Córdoba and the Central Sierras //

La Cumbre and around

Just east of the RN-38, 14km north of La Falda, LA CUMBRE is a small, leafy town, a great spot for fishing, exploring the mountains, participating in adventure pursuits or just relaxing. Over 1140m above sea level, it enjoys mild summers and cool winters, though is occasionally blanketed in snow. Several trout-rich streams run through town, among them the Río San Gerónimo, which runs past the central Plaza 25 de Mayo. A British community was established here when the railways were built in the nineteenth century, and La Cumbre’s prestigious golf club, its predominantly mock-Tudor villas and manicured lawns testify to a long-standing Anglo-Saxon presence. But despite the resort’s genteel appearance it has become synonymous with hang-gliding; every March international competitions are held here. Cerro Mirador, the cliff-top launching-point for hang-gliding and parasailing, is near the ruined colonial estancia and chapel of Cuchi Corral, 8km due west of La Cumbre and worth visiting for the views alone.