Dubai // The inner suburbs //


Karama is the classic Dubai inner-city suburb, home to some of the legions of Indian, Pakistani and Filipino expatriate workers – waitresses, taxi drivers, builders and shopkeepers – who supply so much of the city’s labour. The district is centred on Kuwait Street and the bustling little Karama Centre, one of the city’s pokiest malls, with colourful little shops selling shalwar kameez and flouncy Indian-style jewellery. At the end of Kuwait Street lies the lively Karama Park, surrounded by cheap and cheery Indian restaurants and usually busy with a dozen simultaneous cricket matches after dark.

Just south of Karama Park is the district’s main tourist attraction, the Karama Souk, an unprepossessing concrete mall of hundreds of small shops stuffed full of fake designer clothes, watches, glasses, DVDs and other items (or “copy watches” and “copy bags” as the souk’s enthusiastic touts euphemistically describe them).