Dubai // The inner suburbs //

Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Clubs

On the far side of Baniyas Road from Deira City Centre lies the Dubai Creek Golf Club, an impressive swathe of lush fairways and greens centred on the quirky clubhouse, built in 1993 and still one of the city’s most instantly recognizable modern landmarks, with its uniquely spiky white roofline echoing the shape of a dhow’s sails and masts – like a Dubai remake of the Sydney Opera House.

Enclosed within the grounds of the golf club next to the Creek lies another local landmark, the Dubai Creek Yacht Club, occupying a full-size replica of a ship’s bridge, with dozens of beautiful yachts moored alongside. There are several good restaurants in the golf and yacht club buildings, as well as in the Park Hyatt hotel between, whose serene white Moroccan-style buildings, topped with vivid blue-tiled domes, add a further touch of style to the creekside hereabouts.