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Our hard-travelling authors visited every corner of Cuba, from the sandy beaches of the western tip to the verdant interior of the eastern rainforests, to bring you some unique travel experiences. These are some of their favourites.

Small theatres

From inventiveness of sets executed with more flair than funds to the fluid beauty of the performers, a provincial theatre – such as Teatro La Caridad and Teatro Tomás Terry – or puppet show production at El Guiñol is a hidden cultural delight.

Antique and vintage collectables

The land that not only froze in time but simultaneously got frozen out of numerous global markets has accumulated a mountain of antique decorative art, furniture and vintage memorabilia, which Cubans can now legitimately sell. Find the best places to uncover a gem in Havana and Trinidad.

Our favourite casas particulares

Whether it’s eating a home-cooked meal, hanging out on the family veranda or taking a glimpse of domestic life, a homestay grants access to all that is idiosyncratic about Cuba. The owners of Casa Muñoz in Trinidad, Alojamiento Maite Valor Morales in Morón and El Cafetal in Viñales all go the extra mile.

Alternative music venues

All over the island, away from the spotlight that falls on the Casas de la Música and their ilk, are fantastically quirky venues like El Mejunje in Santa Clara, artsy auditoriums such as the Casa de las Américas trendy clubs like Sala Atril in Havana.


Cuban baseball parks are intimate and free of commercial distractions, while the crowds usually imbue a game with an infectious sense of fun, heightened by musical instruments around the grandstands. Catch a game at the Estadio Calixto García in Holguin, the Estadio Sandino in Santa Clara and the Estadio Lationamericano in Havana.

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