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Mutawintji National Park

Mutawintji National Park, 130km northeast of Broken Hill in the Byngnano Ranges, has magnificent scenery, with secluded gorges and quiet waterholes attracting a profusion of wildlife. The main highlights of the park are the ancient galleries of Aboriginal rock art in the caves and overhangs. The historic site can only be visited accompanied by a certified tour guide, or on a one-day tour from Broken Hill with Tri-State Safari. While on the tour you get to visit the Mutawintji Cultural Centre, an amazing multimedia collaboration between indigenous Australians and the NPWS, which tells of tribal history and myth in sound and pictures.

More Aboriginal rock art can be seen on a series of walks from the Homestead Creek day area, ranging from the wheelchair-accessible Thaaklatjika Mingkana Walk (800m return; 30min; flat) to the excellent Byngnano Range Walk (7.5km loop; 4–5hr; moderate to hard). About 10km southeast, the Mutawintji Gorge Walk (6km return; 3hr; easy) is equally good, heading into one of the park’s most picturesque gorges, ending at a peaceful rock pool enclosed by towering rusty red cliffs.