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Andong and around

Surrounded by picturesque countryside and magical sights, ANDONG (안동) is deservedly one of the most popular draws in the region for foreign travellers. Whatever the Korean tourist booklets say about its history, don’t go expecting a mini-Gyeongju – such a comparison is unfair and misguided, as there’s little in the city itself. However, the wonderful sights on Andong’s periphery mean that it has enough to be respected on its own terms. The centre is small, pleasant and unhurried, with the main sights located well out of town – Dosan Seowon to the north is a stunning Confucian academy dating from Joseon times, while to the west is Hahoe Folk Village, a rustic approximation of traditional Korean life. A similar village can be found nearer the centre, next to a rather absorbing folklore museum.