Kompong Luong is the closest of the Tonle Sap’s floating villages to Pursat, though its precise distance from town varies, ranging from around 40km in the dry season to 35km in the rainy. Populated by a mixed community of Cham and Vietnamese families, the village has its own shops, restaurants, farms and even petrol stations.

Kompong Luong can be reached by moto from Pursat (around $10 return), or by car (about $30); both can be arranged through hotels in Pursat. To drive to Kompong Luong, head east out of Pursat on National Route 5 for 30km, where there’s a turning north at Krakor to the Tonle Sap. Once you arrive at the lake, boatmen will offer to take you out to look around the village for around $10, depending on how long you want to stay out on the water.